Monday, December 1, 2008

Instrument Training - Pt.1

September 13th, 2008

I started my instrument training a week ago. I now have 5 hours logged.

Since I am in sunny California and there is no weather to speak of to fly in, I get to wear these glasses looking things (called foogles) with a flip down visor so I can only see the instruments without any outside visual references.

The first couple of hours we went thru basic maneuvers including climbs, descents, turns, and airspeed changes.

In hours 3 and 4 we built on that and went thru constant airspeed climbs and descents, as well as constant rate climbs and descents.

Today we worked on timed turns to compass headings with my instructor playing Air Traffic Controller (ATC), so as an example, he would say "Cessna N11900 fly heading 270 degrees for 45 seconds, climb and maintain 5,500 ft. @ 90 kts, then after 45 seconds turn right heading 090, decent to 3,500 ft. with a 500 feet per min rate of decent and expect further instructions"

Tomorrow we will be practicing stalls and unusual attitudes "under the hood" ie foogles.

Well I am tired and I need to get some sleep for tomorrow's flight, so have a good night , I will be back in a couple of weeks for another update.

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